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Look it up. Martin fool any of you. I am confirmation sponsor for 3 nephews and I work to keep their souls away from Fr. Dale, what part of Catholicism teaches you so much hate towards those you do not share an understanding with?

The Secularizing Trend Needs to Reverse

With all due respect, if you are the Catholic guide for your nephews, I truly hope they receive other examples. How on one breath you can speak of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and on another spew such contempt for your fellow man is truly astonishing, and that is coming from someone who parts ways with some of Fr. Martin's thinking. Sadly, it is once again another example of picking and choosing what you believe should be the focus of the faith, and ignoring all else, at the expense of completely missing Christ's message.

Christ in America

Faith Examen. James Martin, S. June 21, Show Comments 3. Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication. See our comments policy for more. Lisa M. More: Prayer. The Rev.

We're at the end of white Christian America. What will that mean? | US news | The Guardian

Most popular. Pope Francis: Catechism will be updated to define ecological sins. Why are Christians so angry these days? I think she heard this message of redemption, of racial redemption, and she held onto that story for the rest of her life—even as the church, once she gets to Utah, begins to reject people of African descent.

Mueller : Whatever you want to say about the origins of the Book of Mormon, it fits its time period really well. The story of the Book of Mormon is not a black-white story, as Americans know it, where white is European and black is African. The two main populations there are the light-skinned population called the Nephites and the dark-skinned population called the Lamanites, and the book traces this elaborate story of the rise and fall rise and fall of their civilizations.

The Lamanites, according to the book, become Native Americans. For a long, long time, Americans have wondered: To whom do these Native Americans actually belong, in terms of lineage? So the book really fits the s notion that Indian-ness is irreconcilable with whiteness. Green : Conflicts over race in the Mormon church have lasted well into the 20th and 21st centuries. Black men were only allowed to become priests starting in the s, and black men and women could not participate in sacred Mormon temple rites until that point. If you start disavowing the prophets of the past, that undercuts the whole premise that God provides revelations to his people in the present day.

Green : The LDS church historically encouraged its members to buy Native American slaves or to adopt native children and raise them in their homes. Mueller : The first official Mormon mission in history was at the end of , when Joseph Smith sent his most important lieutenants to the Delaware Indians who had been pushed west to what is contemporary Kansas. In other words, the first Mormon mission was to convert Native Americans.

List of people claimed to be Jesus

This was explicitly presenting a multi-cultural face of Mormonism to the world: multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-lingual. The church acknowledged that it did have a problem as a white church. Kids from Utah are sent to Africa and South America. Unity is very important for Mormons. Religious unity used to be mapped onto racial unity.

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Green : In recent months, people have called on conservative white Christians to grapple with issues of race, in part in response to a perceived resurgence of white nationalists and alt-right groups. What role do you think Mormons should play in this grappling?


There are more Mormons outside the U. So the church has its own future.

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