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In season 3, the anthology series surprised everyone with the gem that is San Junipero.

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It tells the story of gangly, awkward, ginger Yorkie as she falls for the big-haired, vivacious Kelly. Warning: it might just break your heart. If you fancy a bit of a sob-fest Freeheld is the way to go. Plus, Ellen Page.

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A bisexual Persian Brooklynite try say that 3 times fast is the star of this comedy. Desiree Akhavan wrote, directed and stars in this brilliant film about sexuality and finding yourself. Seriously, go check it out. The best way to put it is that you come for the drama, but stay for the sex scenes. So there you have it. If you are enjoying GCN, how about sign up for free to access all articles?

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Sign up for free Log in. GCN's got Cookies We and our partners use cookies on our site to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyse our traffic. Lesbian love affairs, bloody bust-ups and murderers being treated like royalty In a shocking interview, a former inmate, who we are only identifying as Brenda, claims prisoners believe "the rules are bent" for some of Northern Ireland's most dangerous criminals.

She also says that same-sex affairs are rampant inside the prison - and she says some women seek lesbian partners who will protect them.

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New to Belfasttelegraph. Sign up. She decided to speak out about her time in jail because she wants to highlight the plight of other inmates. The Tyrone criminal, in her 40s, said that Hydebank was tough for "ODCs" ordinary decent criminals like her, but easy on prisoners serving much more serious sentences.

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White 29 is serving life for her role in the brutal murder and robbery of a homeless Polish man in Newry in in which she and accomplice Adrian Cunningham pocketed just 70p. Thirty-one-year-old Henderson is serving just three years for tying up and killing pensioner Eddie Girvan at his Greenisland home in January But Brenda said she "couldn't say a bad word about Hazel" Stewart who helped murder her husband Trevor Buchanan and lover Colin Howell's wife Lesley in Yes, she does have lots of privileges, but she deserves it because she doesn't put a foot wrong. That woman doesn't as much as look at a person the wrong way and I do believe she's genuine.

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The ex-inmate told how Stewart kept herself busy while behind bars, but had been the cause of some jealousy. She's very good-looking and has a great body and she really does look after herself.

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  • The first time I was in Hydebank, six years ago, she was always painting or running laps of the football pitch. She never stopped.

    When I went back, it was just the same. She's a real worker, she really is.

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    While Hazel has remained tight-lipped about her horrifying crimes, Maggie 'Headbutt' Henderson has been open about her killing. If someone wants to tell you things then very good, but otherwise you'd get knocked out if you went looking for information.