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In the US, President Obama has acted on these issues as far as is possible without the support of Congress by making an Executive Order in preventing pay secrecy clauses in federal employment. On September 10 the prohibition was extended to federal contractors.

While employers may have some legitimate claims to protection in relation to pay practices, those claims should not prevail over the correction of systemic pay discrimination and inequity based on sex, race or other bases of disadvantage. There may be scope to adjust the Waters Bill to reconcile these interests, but it is clear the injustice of unequal pay, even among people doing the same job with no difference in productivity, requires action.

Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

When pay rates are individually negotiated, women tend to do less well. Image sourced from Shutterstock. Beth Gaze , University of Melbourne. The role of pay secrecy Anecdotal evidence suggests pay secrecy may be a contributing or facilitating factor to pay inequity.

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Gender inequality gender pay gap Pay gaps salary secrecy. If women knew how much more their male colleagues were being paid we might have a better chance of closing the gap. Jerry Bunkers. Australian Service Union branch secretary Sally McManus is showered in streamers after Fair Work Australia awarded community workers a landmark pay rise.

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If you do, you will make these two gentlemen in racing gear very happy. They typically offer different cabins to sit in, such as economy coach , premium economy fancy coach , business and, occasionally, first class.

Low-cost airlines only have economy and typically, they nickel and dime you for just about everything. Delta is an example of a full-service airline, while Spirit is a low-cost one. Elite status is great if you travel frequently and thus, get to enjoy the perks. But a word to the wise: Chasing elite status just to have it is generally not worth it. Airlines also have special codes, internationally recognized abbreviations for ticketing. Pretty cool, huh? Popular airport codes include:.

Finally, airlines use one more code when it comes to classifying tickets; every ticket will fall into a one- or two-letter fare class. Some are simple — F is typically used to designate first class — but most have no connection to what they represent. Remember how I said airlines, hotels and credit cards are closely intertwined? It gets a level deeper here. Alliances are more or less what you think they are: a way for the airlines to play nicely with each other. This also allows airlines to provide broader geographic coverage. After all, no US carrier flies nonstop to Bali but you can leverage these alliances to get there on partner airlines.

Most major and non-major airlines belong to an alliance, though notable exceptions include Alaska, Etihad, Southwest, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia. However, even most non-alliance members form partnerships with the above carriers — and credit card issuers — so you can still earn and redeem miles on their flights in a variety of ways. Why should you care about airline alliances? Glad you asked.

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Remember when I talked your ear off about how to earn points? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is where it really comes into play. Translation: Vacation, here you come! Speaking of you.

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Well the first step is to sign up for loyalty programs — points-and-miles language for an airline or hotel program that lets you earn points or miles. Next comes some terminology. Hey, we never said this stuff was easy. Using them on anything else — like Seamless, Amazon, etc. A good example? You can transfer your Chase points to United at a transfer ratio — so if you have 50, Chase points and you transfer them to United, congrats, now you have 50, United miles. The other things you need to consider are your travel goals and strategy.

Would you rather save up and do an insanely luxurious, cool flight, or use your points and miles for lots of free travel in the back of the plane? However, if you want to get started now, feel free to check out these guides:. The biggest thing to keep in mind here is this little nugget that I mentioned earlier: Never pay more for a flight in points and miles than if you just paid for it outright with your credit card. We know now that points and miles are worth a certain amount of money. Not paying a cent for your stay at the St. Regis Maldives? By asking yourself the questions below, you can come up with at least original blog post ideas within the next 30 minutes to jumpstart your content marketing.

Why do you love the company and its culture? I admire what your organization does and would love to be a part of a team that does such wonderful work that makes a difference in the lives of so many animals. Make sure to give examples to back up your claims. Interview Question 6: How would your boss and coworkers describe you? The point of this question is to determine how well you work with coworkers in a work environment. Remember, they will likely be calling your boss for a reference! Interview Answer: Talk about traits that involve working with others, pitching in to help with projects, your strong work ethic and anything else you think your coworkers or boss might mention.

The role of pay secrecy

Remember the skills required section in the job posting? The goal in this question is to show that you not only have those skills, but have already accomplished some of them. Interview Answer: When answering, think of concrete examples of accomplishments. Numbers and data are your friends here. We had never implemented these practices beforehand. As a result, I received recognition and was promoted. Find your perfect opportunity today!

Interview Question 8: In your opinion, what are your greatest strengths, professionally speaking? Most people often feel uncomfortable in answering this question, as they are worried as coming across as a braggart.