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A second car was involved in the crash but that driver was not hurt, according to the highway patrol. The Dolphins tweeted Thursday, "Our thoughts and prayers are with Kendrick and his family during this time. We were made aware this morning of a serious car accident involving Kendrick Norton. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kendrick and his family during this time.

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The Panthers waived him on Sept. All rights reserved. MORE:Georgia high school football player dies after being hit during game. NFL player has arm amputated after car accident, agent says. Thanksgiving weather latest: Snowstorm pounds Colorado as Midwest prepares to get hit. Russia shows its latest weapon to US inspectors. Cave Fire erupts in Santa Barbara County, scorching 4, acres. Conservative party accused of peddling disinformation ahead of UK election.

Remains found in woods confirmed to be missing 5-year-old. WH and Capitol placed on lockdown after aircraft violates restricted airspace. Google fires 4 employees just days after staff-organized protest. Trump donates 3rd-quarter salary to help fight opioid crisis. Football players who know Norton can't imagine themselves handling this situation in such a positive manner.

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It's a mix of inspiration and awe. You rolled your ankle or somebody cut you off and you think you're having a bad day. OK, what are you complaining about? You don't see him crying, moping or complaining. It is edited for brevity and clarity:. Norton was driving his Ford truck home at 1 a.

In an attempt to transfer lanes, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton's truck made contact with another vehicle. Norton yelled, "Hold on," to Williams, who remembers the truck spinning around multiple times before making contact with a concrete barrier and flipping on its roof. Norton's left arm was completely severed in the accident.

Why do American Football Players Wear Bands on their Arms?

And then my first thought was, "How do we help Kendrick? How do we support Kendrick?

One-armed tennis player

How do we help his family? What can I do? Sometimes you catch Norton staring at what's remaining of his left arm. Yes, it's a permanent reminder of that July morning. But he also chooses to see it as a blessing he is alive. Norton estimates he lost approximately half of the blood in his body that day. There were several moments as he was rushed to the hospital where he just wanted to sleep. Meanwhile, Williams remained at the scene waiting for a tow truck to lift up their flipped truck so she could secure Norton's severed left arm that laid underneath with the hope it could be reattached.

Ultimately, doctors said his arm was crushed and nerves were damaged beyond repair, and they couldn't reattach it. You know, I feel like they took forever. That's really the only thing I was concerned about. I was like, where's the ambulance? Just laying on the ground and feeling all those people pulling on me and helping me, and I was squeezing Kira's leg. You mentioned the people on the scene that arrived to help you.

What do you recall about them? And I guess people had already stopped. So basically after we got out of the car, you know, it was immediately people already right there ready to help.

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They were taking belts off and shirts. And I heard them calling for different things. Some dude brought me some water from out of his car. There were just people coming from everywhere, helping me, to police officers cutting off my clothes. She told me a lady took off her shoes and gave them to her.

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  • Former Denver Bronco player arrested for shooting a woman in the arm.
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And, you know, those people basically left naked that day because they used all their stuff and gave it to us to help. So it was amazing seeing those people that don't even know you from a can of paint to get out of their car and do all that for us. I've learnt so much about you these past few months. I've seen you handle things that people shouldn't have to see. I've leaned on you and you were there.

You've pushed me and never let me slack. Thank you for the love. The laughs and the memories we have made and I look forward to making many more. To: Kira kenandkira. They're the ones that saved my life that night. We have the names of some people. But we're still trying to find that couple that actually were the first people on the scene to start helping.

And I tried to do a push up to, you know, lift myself off the ground. I fell over on the side that I was missing my arm. And that's when I realized that it wasn't there. I glanced down at it. I was like, 'Oh, snap, this is for real. And we crawled out of the car. I was in shock just because there was so much going on. I hit my head. I was just thinking about getting out of the car, before it blew up, because obviously I'm still alive. I can move around fine. I saw blood squirt on the car. And I was like, 'Oh, crap. And that's when they went to applying tourniquets to my arm.

And I was just laying on the ground in my own blood.

Former Denver Bronco player arrested for shooting a woman in the arm

I'm losing a lot of blood. I just remember feeling really sleepy and really tired. I was looking for the ambulance. I could see her looking for the ambulance and on the phone calling people. The people behind me are trying to keep me up and stop the bleeding. They have three or four belts tied around my arm trying to stop the bleeding. There was just so much going on. So it was crazy. So it brought a little life back to me, a little more energy, a little more hope.