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One of the most interesting aspects concerning the nature of street art is to observe the ways in which artists transpire their work from the streets and walls to the canvases and gallery spaces. These inputs can be observed during an exciting upcoming exhibition called These are the Rhythms of my Life.

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Tanc has been evolving as an artist within the graffiti culture. The work of Tancrede Perrot has been exhibited in major institutions, including museums and other cultural institutions all over the world for more than a decade. Tanc is an internationally renowned artist within the field of contemporary art scene. The gallery promotes artists with international potential, through an intricate knowledge of the French contemporary art scene.

The core elements of the creative methodology of Tanc are reflected in a particular use of color, line and music. The rich street art heritage can be felt in his body of work. Tanc channels the balance of consciousness and unconsciousness by surrendering himself to the uncontrollable flow of his hands, allowing compositions to appear on the canvas unexpectedly.

Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. I try to do so many things on a daily basis just with the overriding intent to do it to maintain and create happiness. You see, happiness is contagious….. Wonderful reminder here Andrea. It can be such a challenge to follow our internal rhythms, rather than succumb to the speeding societal rhythm that can be so overwhelming.

Jill, thank you so much for the kind and supportive comment. I love the way you worded that—it feels dead-on! And yet, in my experience, challenges can bring great rewards…. Such are the realities of our economic system.

Understanding The Rhythms of Life

But at this point in time, that is not allowing me to be true to muse[f either. Thanks you so much for giving me that nudge with seriously just a few short words to bring more of those elements that I crave into my life, in a way that is feasible for me at this time. By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy.

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Please confirm that you are human. Marcus April 25th, at PM I try to do so many things on a daily basis just with the overriding intent to do it to maintain and create happiness. Leave a Comment By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy.

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Search Our Blog. Both now and forever. Chorus 2. I live my life to shine Your light. For there's none beside You God.

No eye has seen. No ear has heard. The depths of Your love. No mind can fathom.

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The love You deserve. How great You are. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Writer s : Chris Davenport, Dean Ussher. Tempo: Medium. Ministry s : Hillsong. BPM: